Why you should be a member of the Macedonian Medical Association?

Over 70 years, generations of doctors, members of the Macedonian Medical Association, voluntarily, with selfless pledge and devotion, are tirelessly working to protect the medical profession from any sort of attempt to jeopardize the doctors’ ability to take care of their patients.

Over 70 years, as a major generator and promoter of the medical profession, MMA addresses the doctors’ needs, from medical school all the way to their retirement.

Over 70 years we are your best and only ally at every stage of your professional development. Medicine is dynamic, and we are the ones responsible to keep you informed and provide you with all the necessary tools so you could keep up the pace within this ever changing environment.

United, we the doctors are the dominant force in the health care of the population. Everything that has been done so far and should be done in the future, would not be possible without your support and the support of your like-minded colleagues.

Join us! … Together we are stronger in our endeavors to improve our patients’ health, and protect and promote the medical profession and its reputation.

By fulfilling this Application, accepting the Macedonian Medical Association’s Constitution and regular membership payment, you are confirming your dedication to the medical profession and you are enabling the medicine and medicine practice to remain in the hands of medical doctors.