Macedonian Medical Association

The Macedonian Medical Association (MMA) is a professional organisation of the medical doctors in Republic of Macedonia.

The Macedonian Medical Association was founded on August 12th, 1945 as an Association of doctors, dentists and pharmaceutical chemists. The later two, the pharmaceutics in 1947 and the dentists in 2004, separated from MMA and formed their own associations.

At the very beginning MMA consisted of only 123 medical doctors and dentists and 96 pharmaceutical chemists. Today, MLD gathers together over 5000 medical doctors of all branches of medicine, of whom approximately 35% are general practitioners and 65% are specialists in various fields. These medical doctors are further assembled in around  70 specialists and sub-specialists associations and 20 local associations according their place of work and living.

Over 70 years, generations of doctors – MMA members, on an entirely voluntary basis, with enormous enthusiasm, unselfish efforts and self-sacrifice, have been carrying out their mission with great success. Today, MMA is a well established pillar of the healthcare system of the Republic of Macedonia and an extremely significant segment in the overall social development of the country.

MMA was the predecessor of the Medical Faculty as a most relevant source of teaching staff, because many of its members later became professors at the Faculty.

MMA initiated the idea and established the Medical Chamber of Macedonia as a separate institution.

MMA  maintains bilateral and regional collaboration with many countries of the world.

MMA is a legitimate years-long member of the World Medical Association (WMA) and the European Forum of Medical Associations EFMA/WHO. MMA, through its specialists and sub-specialists associations,  is also a member of more than 80 international specialists associations and organizations.

In 2005, on the initiative of MMA, the national medical associations of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and Turkey established the South East European Medical Forum – SEEMF. Soon after its foundation, the medical associations of Montenegro, Slovenia, Romania and Serbia joined the forum. In 2010, at the First SEEMF Congress (accredited by UEMS, EACCME), the medical associations of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and other countries became SEEMF members.   


Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of the healthcare of the population through improvement and development of the Macedonian medicine and related sciences; to add value and protect the dignity and reputation of the medical profession through establishing a good medical practice and high ethical standards; and to protect the interests and rights of our members.

Objectives and goals

The Macedonian Medical Association is the main generator of the Continuing Medical Education (CME) and the Continuing Professional Development (GPD) of the medical doctors and related professions.

MMA accomplishes its goals through:

  • planned professional training of its members by organizing and support of continuing medical education in form of congresses, symposiums, experts meetings, workshops and other forms of work;
  • tracking the progress of health and medicine in Republic of Macedonia and informing of the expert community through its publications – the professional journal “Macedonian Medical Review” and the informative-educational journal “The Doctor’s Newspaper“;
  • collaboration in and planning of the undergraduate and postgraduate medical studies;
  • scientific research stimulation and support through collaboration with scientific and higher education institutions;
  • participation and organization of campaigns and promotional programs for initiatives for health protection of the population, vaccinations, communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, healthy lifestyle etc.;
  • taking care of and promoting the medical ethics through its Ethical Committee, The Macedonian Codex of Medical Deontology and WMA International Code of Medical Ethics; in regard to the ethics in medical practice collaborates with the relevant bodies of the Medical Chamber of Macedonia and the Medical Faculty;
  • collaboration with the World Medical Association, European Forum of Medical Associations and World Health Organization, the South East European Medical Forum, the European Union of Medical Specialists (EUMS) and other relevant professional associations and organizations;
  • establishment and maintenance of bilateral cooperation with the medical association in Europe and broader.